Pet Sitting Services in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

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Aelfheim Pet Sitters, located in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, provides in-home pet sitting services for dogs, cats, critters, and even horses.

Personal Service Customized to Your Needs

With more than 40 years of experience working with animals and horses, Aelfheim Pet Sitters customizes contracts to each individual client. This allows us to provide a more personal service to you and your pets.

Since 1996, our business has worked with all sizes of animals. Our owner owns a Husky, and is familiar with working with strong dogs.


Flexibility with different dog personalities and the ability to detect any issues or problems is essential to the job. For example, if your dog pulls hard when we walk him or her, we are able to help the situation and provide solutions so that your dog won't pull as much.

Your Pet Is Like Part of Our Family

Our team enjoys building relationships with the family members and their pets, and being able to work with different animals. Once we set something up with our client, we usually see the pets more than the clients.  We are always open to make adjustments for new pets or new client needs.

We are located in a dense college town, but we are close to rural farming towns. We will travel the back roads to provide town-based services.
Contact us in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, for more information about our in-home pet sitting.

Service Area:
Bellefonte, State College, & Boalsburg, Pennsylvania